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     12 mayo, 2015

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Centros Médicos Clínica Vida, also known as Clínicas Vida, groups together a collective of 9 ambulatory health-care centers distributed mostly in the North side of the island of Tenerife, currently expanding to the South, and a Hospital Center with more than 25 beds in the very centre of Valle de La Orotava.

Its fields of research cover a nourished group of medical specialties attended by a qualified group of professionals whose main aim is the personalized and caring attention to the patient, who in turn is the central axis of its entirely activity.

This is one of the three challenges we confront for this group of companies: Firstly, developing an effective communication in social networks that provide an added value to its patients, users and relatives; reinforcing brand awareness in its sphere of influence, the island of Tenerife -specially the North-, and improving its web traffic.

The second challenge is building a corporative website that offers clear, easy and direct information, 4 different languages, and facilitates the location and accessibility of Clínicas Vida’s services. Similarly, it must function as a channel of corporative information, health education and also providing a social value to its environment.

And, finally, the third challenge is the online platform oriented to the patient y el usuario de Clínicas Vida, and the user of Clínicas Vida, via web or mobile phone, that facilitate its processes.

From the point of view of NexGlobal, confronting this fascinating challenge means our definitive consolidation as experts in communication and digital marketing in the health environment.

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