Detalles del Cliente

Energy Universe 2, or its commercial designation Energy España, is the main representative and distributor of herbal products and natural food supplements of Energy Group, a Czech company with presence in more than 11 countries. The Spanish company is also responsible of the American training program, from the United Stated to Argentina. Leo Frank is its CEO, responsible for directing a wide network of advisers that are spread all over Spain and some American countries too. For our client we develop and keep updated its website, an online store where you can place your order, social channels, blogs and social groups (such as forums) formed by advisers and users of Energy products. Our main mission in the digital sphere is (1st) keeping alive the communication between the company, its advisors and the products’ users, (2nd) promoting the brand awareness as well as the concepts it represents, as Bioinformative Medicine or Electroacupuncture.

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